Tuscan wine and oil: discover the two nectars of Podere Ghiole

The history of Podere Ghiole blends indissolubly with that of the Barsottini family that has been producing Tuscan wine and oil for 5 generations.

Tuscan wine and oil for over a century

True keepers of tradition and history, are still preserved today the farm booklets of the family that date back to the year 1921 and in which you can read annotated processing, sales and receipts for the land that the Barsottini leased from Lucardo’s farm. Located a few hundred meters from Podere Ghiole, Lucardo is a historic village of the Municipality of Montespertoli that stands in one of the most beautiful and evocative hilly areas of the province of Florence.

vino e olio podere ghiole
vino e olio podere ghiole

Today this tradition is carried on by the new generations, Gabriella and Piero, with the right combination between the secular habits of these hills and the contemporaneity of the best production of Tuscan wine and oil, two crops that in these lands express the best of their character thanks to the climate, exposure and soil extremely favorable and that are cultivated here for centuries.

The wine

The suggestive vineyards of Podere Ghiole mainly produce Sangiovese grapes, the typical Tuscan vine, as well as Canaiolo, Merlot and Colorino.


The grapes selected during the harvest allow to obtain wines of remarkable personality for their taste and aroma, with a unique character in the world.

Vite podere ghiole
Vino canaiolo in purezza Ernest Podere Ghiole

Ernest Earnest’s Wine

red wine Arcano IGT Tuscany

Arcano IGT

vino rosso toscano

Sangiovese IGT

vino bianco toscano Podere Ghiole

Bianco IGT

Vin Santo Toscano Podere Ghiole

Vin Santo


From the many varieties of olive trees (Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoiano) Podere Ghiole also produces an oil with particularly high organoleptic qualities, through a process that follows the ancient methods of cold pressing.

olio extra vergine di oliva toscano Podere Ghiole
olio extra vergine di oliva toscano

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Podere Ghiole is also available for farm guided tours and wine and oil tastings.


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viti Podere Ghiole
cantina Podere Ghiole
olive Podere Ghiole
vino e olio podere ghiole