Farm, wine, oil and hospitality in true Tuscan style

Podere Ghiole is a Tuscan farm with agritourism located on the Colle di Lucardo near Montespertoli, in one of the most beautiful and evocative hilly areas of the province of Florence.

A real Tuscan farm

The panorama that surrounds the Podere Ghiole farm alternates soft and warm hilly landscapes with vine and olive trees: two crops that express the best of their character in these lands and that have been cultivated here for centuries.
The farm Podere Ghiole is the right combination between the centuries-old traditions of these hills and the contemporaneity of the best production of oil and wine, and the warm welcome of our agritourism.

azienda agricola toscana Podere Ghiole

The Podere Ghiole wines

Our wines respect our character and that of the territory. We work with care and attention in the vineyard and in the cellar in order to obtain the maximum quality. By visiting the farm you will get to know the work behind a “simple” glass of wine, when this is done with passion and desire to pass on a part of the Tuscan traditions and culture.

Vino canaiolo in purezza Ernest Podere Ghiole

Ernest Earnest’s Wine

An ancient grape, the Canaiolo, which gives the charm of the flavor of the past with pleasant feelings of yearning and melancholy as when the sun sets on the threshing floor after a day of harvesting in Tuscany. The ten-month aging in French oak barrels gives this wine character and personality.

sangiovese toscano podere ghiole

Arcano IGT

A red wine born from vineyards cultivated on the rolling Tuscan hills. The careful selection of Sangiovese grapes and the aging in French oak barrels for six months, make Arcano a wine that expresses great harmony and balance.

vino rosso toscano

Sangiovese IGT

A wine that gives the emotions of its land. Obtained only from selected Sangiovese grapes, it manifests fresh aromas and flavors that give it a unique character and a much wider versatility in combinations.

vino bianco toscano Podere Ghiole

Bianco IGT

A dry and still wine, slightly aromatic fruity and tasty, in full Podere Ghiole style.
Produced from Trebbiano and Malvasia vines, it has a straw yellow color.

Vin Santo Toscano Podere Ghiole

Vin Santo

The Vin Santo within the Tuscan tradition is the drink of the great feasts, it is an original wine with a thousand-year history that dates back to the Middle Ages. Vin Santo was used in the celebration of Holy Mass and the belief that it had miraculous properties spread: hence the denomination of Vin Santo.
Still today we use the methods of the past: the best bunches of grapes are dried lying on mats in aerated environments, then the grapes go through the crushing process, finally the must obtained is stored in small chestnut barrels, called caratelli, where it matures for over 5 years.

The oil of the farm Podere Ghiole

Extra virgin olive oil

olio extra vergine di oliva toscano

The oil of our farm has unique qualities due both to the type of olive trees from which it is obtained, Morellino, Frantoiano and Leccino, both from the soil characteristics of our hills.
With a lower yield of oil per quintal of harvested olives, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil combines a higher quality and a unique taste that represent the quintessence of our territory and the best Tuscan tradition. Excellent organoleptic qualities able to activate beneficial effects make it a real elixir of long life that helps keep our body healthy and in shape.

The agritourism Podere Ghiole

A place to live unforgettable moments immersed in the atmosphere of the ancient taste of Tuscan tradition. Not only a travel or holiday experience but a philosophy of life that we want to pass with our farm work also in hospitality.

Our agritourism is the ideal destination to spend a relaxing weekend immersed in the green Tuscan hills. Thanks to its location between Siena and Florence, Podere Ghiole is an excellent location from which to start itineraries to discover the most authentic Tuscany, then return in the evening and enjoy the tranquility and breathtaking views of our land, maybe take a dip in the pool.

Find the farm Podere Ghiole

We are located in Lucardo, in the municipality of Montespertoli, just 30 km from Florence, 24 km from San Gimignano and 48 km from Siena.