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arcano IGT

Arcano IGT

Description: A rich red wine coming directly from our vineyards, planted on the surrounding tuscan hills of Podere Ghiole. The careful selection of Sangiovese grapes and the successive aging in french oak barrels for six months, confer to Arcano great harmony and balance.

Serving suggestions: Suitable especially for all meats and cheeses.

Alcohol by volume: 13% vol.

Bianco IGT

Description: This flowering dry wine is slightly fruity and it is produced from grapes of Trebbiano and malvasia. Bianco IGT presents a straw-coloured yellow shade.

Serving suggestions: Suitable especially for dishes based on fish and cheeses.

Alcohol by volume: 11% vol.

Sangiovese IGT

Description: This is a wine that conveys all the emotions of the land where it grows. Sangiovese IGT is obtained using only our selected grapes of Sangiovese, its aromas and fresh flavors express a unique character and a strong versatility when combined with food.

Serving suggestions: Suitable especially for all-round meat dishes and cheese.

Alcohol by volume: 13% vol.

arcano IGT

Ernest Earnest’s Wine

Description: The king of our vineyards, this single-variety vinification of selected Canaiolo grapes discloses the deep character of Podere Ghiole. An ancient grape variety aged in French oak barrels for a unique wine experience.

Serve with: duck, venison, steaks and beef.

Alcohol by volume: 13%.

Vin Santo del Chianti D.O.C.

Description: Our Vin Santo is made ​​from grapes “Trebbiano” “Malvasia” and “San Colombano” only the best grapes are selected and dried on mats until the time of pressing, then the must obtained is kept in small chestnut casks for 5 years or more before bottling.

Serve with: at the end of the meal, served with any kind of dessert.

Alcohol by volume: 18% vol.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Description: The extra virgin olive oil of Podere Ghiole is produced by olive tree varieties of “Morellino” “Frantoiano” e “leccino” and the olive squeezing is still made following the traditional “cold” method, according to the ancient Tuscan tradition. Deep green color, slightly spicy, sweet and bitter at the same time.

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