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The farm and agritourism Podere Ghiole is located on the Colle di Lucardo close to the town of Montespertoli (Fi), it is surrounded by the suggestive tuscan hills with a panorama that alternates vineyards and olive trees, sited halfway between Florence and Siena. Thanks to the climate, exposure and extremely favorable terrain, this particular area is devoted to the cultivation of grapes and olives.

Our vineyards primarily produce Sangiovese, the typical Tuscan grape variety, as well as Canaiolo, Merlot and Colorino. The grapes are then selected during the harvest, this process of accurate selection allows us to produce wines that have a strong personality and great taste and aroma.

From the few varieties of olive trees (Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoiano) and through the processing that follows the ancient cold pressing methods, we produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil, with distinctive organoleptic qualities.

The production of our Vin Santo follows the classic Tuscan tradition, it has a special history behind, as it was one of the most precious drink since the middle ages, served in occasion of the greater festivals. The Vin Santo was also used during celebrations and rites thanks to the belief it had miraculous properties: from this conviction it comes the name Holy Wine “Vin Santo”.

Today we use the same methods of the past: the best grapes are withered lying on their mats and screens in ventilated areas, then the grapes pass through the crushing process, and at the end of the whole process the Vin Santo is poured in small chestnut barrels, where it matures for a period of time longer than 5 years.

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